Care Quality Commission – CQC Registration

The application, registration and ongoing management processes related to being a CQC Provider are highly complex, can be very confusing, and difficult to follow.  The consequences of getting this wrong can be very time-consuming, very expensive and can ultimately compromise the operation of your business.


CQC Inspection Process – Updated June 2014

The CQC is currently changing the way the inspectorate operates. This will change from CQC’s original focus on the 16 core outcomes for primary care providers to a new framework that focuses on services being:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Caring
  • Responsive
  • Well-led

We can support practices throughout the CQC application process and the ongoing maintenance, updates and education of their staff to meet the core requirements. We can also help with the practical necessities of successful implementation to meet the outcomes of the relevant Standards.


  • Risk Profiling and Compliance
  • Documentation
  • Quality management systems
  • Complaint Handling
  • Hygiene
  • Human resources procedures and documentation
  • Event/incident management
  • Bad outcome correction
  • Independent auditing
  • Pre audit analysis
  • Bespoke consultancy
  • Business improvement
  • Training and practical implementation

Why Consider Us for CQC Registration?

We can support you in your CQC registration by:

  • Providing initial evaluation of your business model to identify whether you need to register and if so, under which category/categories you will need to register.
  • Providing ongoing support, expert guidance and updates throughout the process.
  • Producing bespoke documents that are required by CQC, in effect compiling a CQC Quality Manual.

It is a legal requirement for all relevant care providers to be registered with the CQC and to meet the relevant essential standards of quality and safety.  CQC will check that practices continue to meet The Essential Standards of Quality and Safety on an ongoing basis.  Providers will be inspected at least once every 2 years.

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Case Studies


We appointed PCL to assist us with our new CQC compliance registration. From start to finish, they acted with professionalism and expertise; taking what at first seemed to be a tedious and daunting process and making it clear and easy to understand. Even after our successful registration, the consultant remained on hand to answer any outstanding questions and to ensure that we felt adequately prepared for a potential visit from the CQC. Having had such a positive experience, we have no hesitation in recommending PCL to any company who is considering their services
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