Our Continuing Professional Development

“Continuing Professional Development refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skill, knowledge and experience that you gain, both formally and informally as you work, beyond any training.” 

CPD is important because it ensures you continue to be competent in your profession. it is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professionals career.

Here at Pharmacy Consulting we value the importance of keeping our CPD’s up to date.

As we all know, the MHRA post blogs regularly and here at PCL headquarters we keep on top of all changes and updates by being subscribed.

During an inspection the inspector, may ask questions relating to previous blogs that have been uploaded as they do like to know that you have been following what the MHRA have been doing.

At Pharmacy Consulting, we also write blogs on relevant subjects/happenings to keep ourselves and our team relevant with what’s going on in the wholesaling and manufacturing world.

As well as document our findings by writing blogs, we have a fab Social Media team who keep us up to date with other regulatory bodies. Therefore allowing our knowledge of pharmaceutical issues to be the best it can.

Jackie keeps both hers and her teams CPD up to date by attending regular Public Speaking events. Her attendance at events, is spoken about over on our twitter feed.

Public speaking is something that Jackie also takes part in is writing editorial items for magazines such as Today’s Pharmacist.

Keeping up to date with your GDP training will also allow you to feel confident with your approach to the ever changing GDP guidelines. At Pharmacy Consulting. we do the initial GDP training and also refresher courses which all run in line with the Cogent Gold Standard.


Both Jackie and Sandeep made it really easy to understand the content – they encouraged discussion but also made sure that focus was given to areas specific to the attendees. Overall I enjoyed the course and found it far less overwhelming than I expected.
Cogent Gold Standard Training