The Need for Pharmacy Automation

Pharmacies busy with dispensing prescriptions find it challenging to focus on additional revenue streams and so Pharmacy Automation is attractive in order to improve the speed, space, and accuracy of dispensing.

Community Pharmacies (particularly independent pharmacies) are focused on maximising their proficiency through workflow processes and services that support their patient’s health care. How are these independent and other Community Pharmacies achieving this successfully? Pharmacy Automation is the answer.

Pharmacy Automation allows a pharmacy to improve customer service, reduce dispensing errors, and free up staff time, so team members can spend more time carrying out the customer facing services.

The key benefits of Pharmacy automation are:

  • Speeding up the dispensing process
  • Cutting down on dispensing errors
  • Saving space on product storage, creating more room for retail space or consultation facilities.

We can offer Pharmacy Automation advice and support within you own business.

If you are interested in some more information about Pharmacy Automation please feel free to contact us.

Why consider us for Pharmacy automation consultancy?

We have extensive experience advising pharmacists on pharmacy automation, both within community pharmacies and hospitals – throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and in Europe.

We have worked with all the main pharmacy automation equipment suppliers, ensuring that the most suitable automation equipment is installed within pharmacies, having fully considered the pharmacy design and layout that will work most logically with the dispensing process.

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Pharmacy consulting helped us to  choose the robot that best suited our requirements and it can be added to at a later date, my regular locum has rescinded his notice as he cannot cope better with the volume of prescriptions we dispense and he gets to sit  down to work !
Testimonial from a Community Pharmacy in Lincolnshire