Why consider us for this course?

If you are intending to supply or sell medical devices there is lot of legislation that you need to follow. The regulatory environment is constantly changing and it is essential to understand what is applicable to your business and products and how that might change in the future. We offer training in all aspects of business involving medical devices and can help from first principles in market assessment, right through the product lifecycle.

The training is split into 7 modules, all of which are a half day session and can be taken both as standalone sessions or in their entirety. Contact the office for bespoke options if you would like to combine multiple modules in a single sitting.

Training Modules

  • Introduction to medical devices
  • Classification of medical devices
  • Actors and economic operators
  • Legislation
  • Vigilance
  • QMS and technical files
  • Is my aesthetic or cosmetic product now a medical device?

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