IT systems review for a national pharmacy chain

We were asked by the IT manager of a national pharmacy chain to independently review every Patient Medication Record (PMR) software system available on the UK market and submit a report on the advantages and disadvantages of each software system versus their existing software system. It was felt necessary for this review to be done independently as it was anticipated that any proposal to change systems would result in a strong defence to keep the current system and a detailed scrutiny of any proposed alternative.


The Pharmacy Consulting Solution

The project was conducted by initially designing a detailed questionnaire to be submitted to every UK provider, and to conduct a detailed analysis of the responses.  Each provider that was considered potentially suitable as an alternative software supplier to the customer was then visited to verify responses and to evaluate their future potential and current suitability to supply a national pharmacy chain.


Customer Benefits

Our report rapidly highlighted to the customer that there were at least two PMR system providers who could meet or exceed the customer’s current and anticipated functionality requirements.  Both would also free the customer of its existing commitment to source medicines as part of its software supply contract. This knowledge allowed the customer to move forwards both on its IT and product sourcing strategies, in the knowledge that a detailed and unbiased analysis had been conducted.


Expanding the Business Model for an Independent Pharmacy

An innovative independent pharmacy won a competition run by a national pharmacy magazine, the prize for which was a one day free consultancy visit from us, who at the time wrote regular articles for the magazine concerned on the subject of pharmacy business development.


Customer Benefits

The customer decided to follow up many of the ideas and suggestions put forwards by us. Over time they developed an innovative shared ownership model and thereby acquired a number of additional pharmacies.  As a small group now they have gone on to develop something of a reputation for innovative service provision attuned to local customer needs, which has even helped them win competitive bids for LPS contracts in their region.


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23 December 2014

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