Distance Selling/Internet Pharmacy Workshop

Many new pharmacy business models are dependent on successful applications for a Pharmacy ‘Contract’, the awarding bodies are becoming more and more stringent on applications. The application process can be complex, expensive and take a long time. Through one of our courses we can give you an overview of the process and we can walk you through the decision criteria and give you tips on how to prepare a successful application. Bear in mind that the large multiple have whole departments managing these applications, and monitoring application activity.

We provide workshops for anyone considering opening a Distance Selling Pharmacy.

The course will give an overview of the requirements of opening an internet pharmacy and provide a step-by-step guide to the application process, also highlighting some of the common pitfalls and unexpected hurdles pharmacists /medical professionals may face; in order to provide you with the knowledge to assess the successful future of your business.

As the most common type of application is for a Distance Selling/Internet contract we run regular course on this, please contact us to find out the dates and locations of upcoming courses.

If you are considering an application for a Full ‘Contract’ we can offer a tailored course to your needs.


Why Consider Us for your Distance Selling/Internet Pharmacy Contract

We have a proven track record of successfully leading clients through this process.

Using the knowledge built up through these applications we can guide you through too and share our experience in the training.


Our Distance Selling/Internet Pharmacy Workshop Includes

  • An overview of the two different procedures: NHS and GPhC applications
  • Application process
  • Business Model
  • An overview  of Quality system, Index, SOPs, Risk Management.
  • Supporting Documents
  • Timelines

Upcoming Courses

We offer bespoke training at your site. Please contact us for more details.