Codeine linctus to be reclassified to a prescription-only medicine

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Blog, Pharmacy

A press release from the MHRA today, 20th February 2024, has announced that Codeine linctus will be reclassified as a prescription only medicine because of the risk of abuse and addiction. Read the full press release here

Codeine Linctus is an opioid medicine which has been previously available as a medicine sold under the supervision of a pharmacist (a P medicine), but will now only be available as prescription only.

There have been increasing reports that the drug has been misused as an ingredient in a recreational drink which can be known as “Lean”, “Purple Drank”, “Sizzurp” and more. There is a risk of overdose particularly due to the use of codeine in unknown quantities taken in combination with alcohol.

The MHRA ran a consultation in July/August 2023 to propose the reclassification of Codeine Linctus to prescription-only medicine. For more information about the consultation see here

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