CQC Registration

A pharmacy had recently been involved at a local level in discussions about running vaccination clinics and telephone based doctor services from its premises. It was clear from our initial discussions that some or all of these services fell under activity that required CQC registration.

The client had looked through the guidance on the CQC website but was struggling to understand under what categories the needed to register and what requirements they needed to satisfy for registration. A quick look at the application process frightened them even more.

It is fair to say that the CQC website has its idiosyncrasies and even using the search function it can be a struggle to get the answers you need. Added to that a fairly unique approach to processing application it is no wonder that this whole area has acquired a reputation for being difficult.


The Pharmacy Consulting Solution

Following a meeting to clarify the precise business model being considered, we were able to quickly identify what activities they needed to register, and between us we put together a robust application with supporting documents.


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7 January 2015

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