Independent Community Pharmacist

Project value: £1000-£2000

Having no experience of the Pharmacy contract application process, a young locum pharmacist requested that we submit an application on his behalf to obtain an Internet Pharmacy Contract for premises that he already owned in the Midlands.


The Pharmacy Consulting Solution

In order to keep costs under control this project was (unusually) undertaken without a site visit. After asking the customer various site specific questions, we prepared a draft application for the client to check through prior to the application being submitted.  We also advised the client concerning the need to obtain planning consent for the envisaged change of use of the premises which were to become the internet pharmacy.


Customer Benefits

After receiving our independent advice, the client knew that their application had the absolute maximum chance of being granted. They saved time in the application process by accepting our recommendation that their desired hours of service needed to be modified to meet the minimum hours of service required of all NHS contracted pharmacies.  They saved further time by asking us to undertake the draft contract application on their behalf, thus allowing the application to be submitted well before an impending deadline.



Posted on

23 December 2014

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