Setting Up a Pharmacy Business

We have a proven track record of helping new pharmacy businesses through all aspects of setting up your business in a cost effective way.  When setting up a new business the phrase ‘Time is Money’ is particularly true, and we have the expertise to help you get things done efficiently.

Often the biggest hurdle is obtaining the relevant licences and contracts to operate, we can provide advice on getting applications right first time or can submit the applications on your behalf.  We can support you through the inspections, audits and advise on designing processes and systems the ensure ongoing compliance.  As you move to planning how your business will function we can provide advice and support with Standard Operating Procedures, look at optimising workflows as well as helping you identify additional revenue streams to further enhance your business.

We have extensive experience of working with most of the major specialist pharmacy shop fitters.  It is good practice to obtain at least two or three quotations and designs from different shop fitters that meet the customer’s pharmacy specifications as advised and agreed by us.

Depending on the anticipated level of business of a new pharmacy, it may be appropriate to consider automating the new pharmacy from day one, as doing so later can be less successful and more disruptive for customers and staff

For new pharmacies being developed within Health Centres, pharmacists are also likely to have to deal with property development companies or consultants working for them. It is usually necessary to have to make a competitive bid to such companies to gain access to the development.  We have advised pharmacists upon making such bids, including advising on what is an appropriate level of ‘key money’ and rent to pay depending on the anticipated level of GP occupancy, and we have also advised on the tenancy contracts that they are likely to be expected to sign. 

Why consider us to help you set up your pharmacy business?

We offer independent advice and support to clients seeking to open a new pharmacy business, or can advise on the relocation of an existing pharmacy business.

The support available here can start with us researching and making a well-reasoned site specific contract application case, for submission to the relevant NHS authorities for an NHS dispensing contract for the new pharmacy premises under the ruling legislation.

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Case Studies

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I am glad that I contacted Pharmacy Consulting Limited (PCL). Jackie Peck helped me in understanding all aspects of community and internet pharmacy. She was helpful in conducting survey, preparing business plan and negotiation with wholesalers etc. She was extremely approachable and provided invaluable advice. She was proactive in helping and was very flexible. I will highly recommend Pharmacy Consulting Limited to all especially young entrepreneurs. It is a money well spent.
Testimonial from a Hospital Doctor in London